Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

"... of the shadow of death..."

Time for another little  update on templars. As it usualy is in this hobby (at least for me) the basic concept is always growing, and because of that i want to incorporate more things in  the build. Is this a good thing? I have no idea, but i'm still gonna do it.

So let's start with progress on the base, here is a very basic shape, i don't tihnk it will make much sense now, but that might be for the better.

And here is something that will hopefully look like a tree. Got some good tips on how to do it, so if I will fail i'm going to blame the one that gave me them.

As I said in the last update, looking at one of the marines gave me some ideas, here is what i had in mind:

Needs a bit of refining here and there but so far it's close to what i want .
Now changing that one guy afected another one as he became quite boring to look at, so after some searching in the bits box here is what we got:

 I'm not too sure about purity seals on the top but that was the easiest way to hide holes in resin, and I was quite lazy.

Well, seems like that's all for todays update.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"As I walk through the valley... "

Time for next update on my Black Templar Castellan and his merry Sword Brerthrens.
Hmm I should take a look at my bitz-box to see if I have any Holy Hand Grenades left.
Anyway on to the update itself.

Trying my hand at some special effects, I'm not the master of OSL but i wanted to add something to it, wich hopefully will be easier to see when looking at the completed project. not anytime soon tough.

Another tutorial i've been reading comes again from Massive Voodoo, it was a tutorial on how to make a wet pallete. Must say - I quite like it, altough i kinda messed up - adding way too much water but in the end it worked quite nicely for making glazes - also first time.
Here are some shots of Sword Brethrens, I am really serius about "sword" part so I made sure each one has a sword.

 You might think Brother Marcus has no sword but belive me he does, I don't really think they would be game legal, well not all of them for sure but who cares :P

This one will have a bit more gold, but i think i will change few things about him, why? because just now, when writing this and looking at that picture i had a great idea. More about that soon.

And here is my "Emperors Champion" I quite like the way he looks among the rest of the Honor Guard.

And the last but not least, the only one with no helmet, hmm now that I think of it, I will propably add a helmet to his waist to hide some mods and add details.

As you might or might not noticed all of them were moded in to a "walking" pose instead of standing/runing. Personaly I think that this way they look more fearsome, but would love to hear some opinions about that

And one more picture, spend quite a long time to think what to do with the blades, should I try making those lightning efects? Or maybe the more usual powersword look? Or maybe leave them with plain metal look?
None of the above, listening to a sugestion from my firend Harry I wanted to give them a slight red tint in the middle. But I fucked up.
Oh well.
As it turns out - not completly, with the help of wet pallet i was able to create an effect similar to hot edge - or so I would like to think:

There is no picture of that but there was some work done on the base as well.
More updates - hopefully soon. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Templars update

Yet another quick update.

I don't want to spoil the suprise so instead of just saying what I want to do with the base I will show some tutorials I found that should help me achive my desierd effect - or I will just fail miserably. Oh well.

FIrst one is this Massive Voodo - Working with natural leaves
I've been searching for some leaves to use with my miniatures and I have to say - they turn out quite pricey to be honest. So instead of buying some I kept searching for a way to make them myself. We will see how that works out.

Now for the base itself:

Seems kinda big? I don't think so, actualy it might be a bit small for the whole squad, but that remains to be seen. As you can see I've been working on this little feela, here is some more shots:

I know the highlights might appear to be quite bright but it's still before any washes and there will be also a good reason for that,
As for the washes, well, I don't want to use oil washes just yet so I opted for other ways. Now here is the deal, I don't have any Vallejo or  GW washes so i had to think of something. Decay told me of a great way to make washes out of normal Vallejo paints BUT that doesn't work with isopropyl alcohol. Instead of thining the paint it makes it lumpy. Sad face.
But don't worry - I've got this....
Here is what I did - water + ink, just a normal drawing ink. For now I only did some tests but I  might have thinned it too much.

One more thing for mr templar, decided i have to develop my freehanding skills (i've always been terrible at drawing) so started with something simple:

Needs a lot of cleanup but i'm quite happy with it. For now that is.

That's all for this update, in the next one there will be more hints on the base and the whole scene.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Miniature updates - 02102012

Almost done with moving the shop to the new location so it is a time for a little break to show you guys what i've been up to - at least hobby wise :)
I'm still working on Freedom Strike - but took a little break from it for now. Instead i've been working on 2 miniature projects. Both of them  are  of course in the vast universe of warhammer 40k.

First one i started on the same day that i was on a competition - but more about that soon as i belive it deserves a bit better coverage. Back to the miniature - it is a space marine biker, previous owner had an interesting idea of mixing Black Templars and Dark Angels herlady, for what reason i will never know. I decided to go with the ravenwing bike so a little bit of moding here and there and of to painting... almost.
I really like the way he looks so I wanted to create an interesting base for him, come to think of it, it is more of vignette altough quite a simple one. Started painting some base colours but nothing to crazy for now:

Second project is a bit more ambitious, i don't want to say too much for now. It feels quite diffrent and rather nice to paint a whole squad at the same time instead of just one miniature.

That is all for now, not that i don't have more to show or talk about - it's just time to get back to work ;)