Saturday, April 30, 2011

End of april update


as you guys can see I finished tweaking my blog (at least it seems so....), the poll is over so it is time to do some gunpla!

Freedom Strike was the one to win the poll, wich means it now my main kit - other WIPs won't be postponed but won't be updated as often,

anyway just to show my start piece:

as you can see backpack is only blu-tacked for now but this will be my first modification

will try to post more soon but now on to the other matters:

Library just got updated (and I also made a vid 'bout it as well :P )
23 new albums! just click the banner above to get there!

'till the next one!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tutorial: Space diorama

Hi guys! new vid is up - how to make your very own space diorama with my botle cap craters tehnique :D... well at least how i do it :P


be sure to check the tutorial section

Friday, April 22, 2011

EU-GC poll

sup guys!

still tweaking my poll and adding content but since we have quite a big and good news here in Europe I decided to ask u something.

If you were outside our galaxy for the last week or You were hibernating let me fill you in:

thx to my friend Kamm we now have our own Gunpla Contest, that's right we can compete with other gunpla-ers

Here  You have a link to youtbe video with rules
The contest is hosted by MAC forums - so be sure to go there for any more details and questions

Now to the "more imoprtant stuff" - haha

I set up a poll on the side to ask you guys what shold i builod for the competition, i'm not saying this will be my only submision but it depends on the time i want to do at least ONE kit SPECIFICALY for EU-GC

so here is a little more about chioces You have:

  • Razgriz Freedom - the design set up in late CE - in the same time frame that Re-IG and Volition are. 
  • Freedom Strike - from information I gathered I learned that orignal idea was for Freedom to be a new Striker Pack for Strike  - this would be my take on that concept
  • Strike MK-II - my original desing, based on Strike and few other designs - upgrading the orignal Strike so it could be usefull after SEED Destiny
  •  other - evrything else - be creative guys, your ideas write in the comments
the poll will be active for a week only, any feedback will be apriciated :D

'till the next entry!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mid-April Update

... seems like i'm back to my old habits of not updating this poor excuse of a blog :P

but anyway here is a lil update:
Strike Noir is at the very same spot it was since last update, no work done on him, but i do have some ideas what to do with it

secret project: yeah..most of my time in last weeks i spent on that project - it is work realted and i can't say anything else 'bout it so far, but it's coming along nicely so you should be able to see it completed soon

Now in semi-gunpla realted news, I'm curently maikng some changes to my blog as I was bored with my old look, also i started learning some more Photoshop techniques - something i should have done long time ago - and i'm using them in MAC Wallpaper contest for more info just go to MAC forums:

and here they are in order of making:

click on each one ot get to bigger