Mid-April Update

... seems like i'm back to my old habits of not updating this poor excuse of a blog :P

but anyway here is a lil update:
Strike Noir is at the very same spot it was since last update, no work done on him, but i do have some ideas what to do with it

secret project: yeah..most of my time in last weeks i spent on that project - it is work realted and i can't say anything else 'bout it so far, but it's coming along nicely so you should be able to see it completed soon

Now in semi-gunpla realted news, I'm curently maikng some changes to my blog as I was bored with my old look, also i started learning some more Photoshop techniques - something i should have done long time ago - and i'm using them in MAC Wallpaper contest for more info just go to MAC forums: themacforums.com

and here they are in order of making:

click on each one ot get to bigger


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