Sunday, August 26, 2012

Freedom Strike - in (techni)color

Remember when i said i will not show the color scheme?
I lied.

Just a quick little picture, too bad orange doesn't show up properly (altough maybe only on my screen)

Stay tuned for more updates
and a guessing game - name all the projects you can see on the photo :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Freedom Strike - update

Propably a final one, but maybe not, we will see, I wan't to keep the colour scheme secret so let's not talk about it :D

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Freedom Strike - rebooted

I have challenged myself to finish all of my unfinished projects ASAP and this little fella qill be the first to work onFor those that want to read more about the project itself or want to see previous WIPs - Zyncium Factory: freedom_strike
i have been working on it since last week and i think this should be done soon as all i have left is thee waist area and wiring

and a size comparison to unmodified mg strike frame 

stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Mecha Contest: Crest CR-840/UL Diorama

Wow.. That was one crazy ride guys.

As you propably noticed i kinda moved in to miniatures last year and i hadn't finished any gunpla/mecha kit in more than a year (i think). After some talks with "the guys" on Skype i felt like i HAVE to finish something for 2012MC and what did i choose? Armored Core diorama - and that SD Gyan needed only few touch ups after i screwed up the washes...
Started working on friday after i got home from job, - too bad i had to work on saturday, if not for that i might have finished that Gyan as well, but hey... still did something, right?
Painted her with Vallejo Model Color paints, was going to airbrush eveyrthing but coulnd get my new "el cheapo" AB to work properly, so after 2 basic colors (that were a royal pain in the ass to paint) i took my brushes and spend half the sunday on it, quite suprising my GF was happy about it (propably because i was just sitting quitely, not bothering her). then awesome decals on monday and start of weathering, then in the middle of the night and in the morning - washes, touch ups etc, oh and in the so called meantime i was working on the diorama and killing zombies in Killing Floor - as well as exploring Mojave desert in New Vegas, watching painting vids and warhammer 40K 6th edition battlereports.
I'veee got thiss...

I should be able to shoot some video material tonight (hopefully) so expect another update in a week or so...

Now - a word about decals. There is only a few of them but there is a good reason - i was testing them. You can see some GW decals - wich are quite nice to work it, but majority of them are Kamm-mecha decals, those are from Warning set 2 (IIRC),  must say - i was REALLY suprised they worked so well, for a few reasons, first - the kit wasn't gloss coated when i was applying them, yep, no gloss, actualy i had no time for any sort of top coat so they were on almost bare plastic. Why almost? Mr Mark Decal Setter - just a little bit under the decals, and now another stupid thing i did - even before it was set and dry i put a a littlle bit of Future (localy known as sidolux) on top of it, was kinda afraid when they started to wrinkle BUT in the end they turned out way better than i expected, decals itself are very thin but qutie strongand i really love the desings they are generic enough to work with many its and uniqe enough to stand out (was comparing them to GW, Samuel, and HiQ Parts Decals - last one being my favorites before).
I am definitly going to use more of them in upcoming projects.

Now lets take a look at the finished diorama:

I guess that's about it for now guys.

AC - sneak peek