Monday, May 23, 2011

EU-GC: Freedom Strike

So the contest work begins...

First thing was the most important modification - ataching Freedom's backpack on the the Strike's body, wich turned out to be way easier than expected. All I had to do was cut off half of the top part of backpack and then just do a little sanding here and there. Here is what i was left with

As you can see in the next picture fit is not perfect but i have alredy taken care of that with the power pla-plate altough forogot to take pictures so that will have to wait for the next update

there was one little issue with ataching the backpack - i had to get rid of lower thrusters of Strike but that was actualy a good think as it left me with an empty space perfect for making a stand atachment

After that I decided to do some works on the head, I got this kit from my friend (long story short he owed me some money so... well :D ) and he managed to break V-fin. Well quite easy to repair but why not change it a little bit? so instead of using original parts i used parts from 1/100 Astrea - still has that Strike feel but looks slighly diffrent, I'm thinking of changing it just a little bit but not sure yet.

But what more important is this:

I think you all know now where i'm going
Added a pla plate above the eyes to make that "evil" look

it looks quite fugly in the picture but i have alredy cleaned it up, again sorry for no picture, will be working on it soon so once i'm done you can expect another update. Also cutted out a place where a camera in the back would be so the light will shine once the new clear part is in place:

Back to the chest, added some plaplate on the front part to make it look more like a GFFN Strike, then added some plates for details, drilled out a hole in the chest, put a plaplate below it and added some details - kinda hard to see now but once primed should be visible, I will keep on adding details to the torso as it still looks to bland for me right now (especialy after Kamm & PhantomPain showed me some great great gunpla)

And the last 2 thing for this update - the weapons
Assault Rifle it is just a Freedom's rifle modded slightly

and the beam saber - nothing crazy tough...

I think this will be all for now...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hideout - 1/144 HG Enact with a hangar diorama

Suddenly - completed kit. Striking out of nowhere you can see my latest work - a HG Enact with hangar diorama. I wanted to do a hangar diorama for quite some time and after seeing Oceansean's MG Blue Frame with hanger i decided it's a out time  to do one :D

But as you will be able to see in few seconds - my hangar is quite diffrent from all the others you may have seen so far... now for the little backstory...

AD 2309

Actions of Celestial Being changed the world, in this time of unification many wanted to stay independent, but they didn't have resources to do so. And as it always have been - when there is a need there will be someone to take care of it - for the right price.

Mercenerias - altough profession as any other in the times of  Earth Sphere Federation they were considered outlaws. "The hunter became the prey"

Sergiei Alekseev - exiled from his own country during Solar Wars became a mercenary as he had no other option, yet again he needs to run like a wounded wolf, hiding in his lair he's planing next move and preparing to fight back the hunters in form of A-laws pacification force...

watch video for even more pictures: Hideout video on Youtube

and a slideshow galery HERE

as u can see Enact has only some minor mods, paintjob is inspired by colors of my company ;) 
it's a mix of Tamiya acrylics and Agama acrylics; red blue and purple were AB-ed while metalics handpainted, then an enamel wash for panel lines and wheathering with metailc acrylics and oil paints

as for the base I used an USB hub as a base so it will be not only nice looking but also functional

as you can see it is still working, it was also my first time working with LEDs and I think i was able to pull off effect that i wanted

if anyone has some question just ask  - I will try to answer them :D

oh and almost forgot... expect something REALLY BIG later this year.... will keep this as a secret for now but may gave away some hints here and there so stay tuned!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

LIbrary Update and a shoutout /


It's time for some updates!

first of all - the Library - 15 new albums added, this time mostly manga scans - and most of them are translated! I may divide Library in to sections sometimes in the future to make acces easier.

Anyway today update include:

  • Blue Destiny
  • Advance of Zeta
  • Gundam Legacy
  • Revival of Zeon
  • Lost War Chronicles
as for artbooks and other stuff:
  • Char's Counterattack Novel
  • Hyper Weapon 2008 by Makoto Kobayashi
  • Another Century Chronicle vol.1 One Year War UC 0079-0080 Zeon Artbook
  • Gundam Seed&Destiny random art
Pretty nice,don't you think? Expect even more content in the future!

Now for other updates. My blog is about to hit 15000 views since may last year wich i think is quite good and I want to thank evryone who visited me in that time <3
More news: I launched my new frontpage!!! - be sure to check it out if you have some time, still needs some tweaks but it's (slowly) getting there.

Anyway - here is my little shoutout: 
for all those that like this poor excuese of blog of mine, or find the Libary usefull if you have a few seconds to spare please click the ads at the bottom, there is also a donate button if you have some spare change in your paypal. I'm not putting any pressure on anyone and I would like to keep Library free. Things aren't going the best lately but i'm pretty sure evryone has similar problems.

Almost forgot - if you look at "About me" page on you will notice I will have a suprise for evryone and belive me there will be some BIG news - but it's all a secret for now. I will be posting some hints here, on Zyncium TV and the frontpage, wonder if anyone will guess what it is :D

Cheers guys!