LIbrary Update and a shoutout /


It's time for some updates!

first of all - the Library - 15 new albums added, this time mostly manga scans - and most of them are translated! I may divide Library in to sections sometimes in the future to make acces easier.

Anyway today update include:

  • Blue Destiny
  • Advance of Zeta
  • Gundam Legacy
  • Revival of Zeon
  • Lost War Chronicles
as for artbooks and other stuff:
  • Char's Counterattack Novel
  • Hyper Weapon 2008 by Makoto Kobayashi
  • Another Century Chronicle vol.1 One Year War UC 0079-0080 Zeon Artbook
  • Gundam Seed&Destiny random art
Pretty nice,don't you think? Expect even more content in the future!

Now for other updates. My blog is about to hit 15000 views since may last year wich i think is quite good and I want to thank evryone who visited me in that time <3
More news: I launched my new frontpage!!! - be sure to check it out if you have some time, still needs some tweaks but it's (slowly) getting there.

Anyway - here is my little shoutout: 
for all those that like this poor excuese of blog of mine, or find the Libary usefull if you have a few seconds to spare please click the ads at the bottom, there is also a donate button if you have some spare change in your paypal. I'm not putting any pressure on anyone and I would like to keep Library free. Things aren't going the best lately but i'm pretty sure evryone has similar problems.

Almost forgot - if you look at "About me" page on you will notice I will have a suprise for evryone and belive me there will be some BIG news - but it's all a secret for now. I will be posting some hints here, on Zyncium TV and the frontpage, wonder if anyone will guess what it is :D

Cheers guys!


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