Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[Freedom Strike] I love the smell of Extra Thin Cement in the morning...

After announcing ZAKU GB it's time to work like crazy on this to finish it before GB... or at least finish something this year...

For now I finished.... a leg. Yes that's all, only a leg, not even a feet to go with it, just a leg. So next is making another one cause you know, I can't recast things (due to lack of resoures) and even if I could my re-casts would never be as good as those made by Helmos ;)
And as much as I think that one-leged MS is a 'unique' idea I don't think it would work with FS.

Some parts of the leg still need clean-up - mainly the inner frame but armors could use some work too.
But here is what i've done:

As you can see a lot of armor triming, Also I added small pla-plate strips to underside of the lower ends of the parts so instead of going on like this: | they go like this: /  - hopefully at least one person will understant what I mean. It changes the overall shape slightly. Not sure if you noticed but there is a little bit of scribing done.
My dymo tape arrived so I tried using that and as much as I love it I still find myslef doing lot of smaller lines freehand. I will be using dymo tape for long stright lines but for those small ones a steady hand is enough.

Nothing much more to say as this isn't rocket science. Instead I will just show a few more pictures

Thursday, September 15, 2011

[Freedom Strike] Failure?

Hello everyone!

 Just as the post title says this project has been complete failure- if look at it as an EUGC entry that is. As we all know and experience from time to time life is a bitch, can't realy do much about it. You just have to live your life.

 Anyway enough with the "deep" stuff. let's talk modeling. But first in case you didn't notice i had changed the look of the blog a little.... weel actualy i changed it a lot, not only it looks more profesional (at least IMO) but it loads a lot faster wich is always a good thing.

 Now for the update itself:

 Started some works on the legs, mainly some armor trimimg:

 Personaly I realy like frames of SEED MG kits and I want to show it off a little better

 I have also started pla plating - only today cause my extra thin cement just arrived, here is what i've got so far, you may get the idea where this is going next the lower legs,

 more trimming and mods to show off the inner frame

 and of course you can see the extension wich took me most of my time, pretty simple, just cut the parts, insert pla-plates, wait for cure, use putty to fill the gaps and sculpt the shape i want, still needs work and detailing but i just wanted to an update so please forgive me guys

 and some more pictures:

not much but hey, at least you guys now that i'm alive !