Monday, March 30, 2009

Re-IG WIP 8 and Gundam Sentinel

My internet connection was acting kinda funny lately so I couldn't post any progres, but now evrything is okay so here I go:

Assault Shield: hardest thing was to get rid of that annoying slide gimmick - it wasn't strong enough to keep open or closed (damn you gravity! you won this time, but we shall fight again!), addded some pla-plates to simulate quickle added armor upgrade in field conditions, and You can see 2 guns in it - reason why it's assault shield
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Long Range Beam Rifle: It's modded standard Impulse rifle. front portion of gun comes from one of my REALY OLD toys i found on attic 
(I canibalised that and many other :D ) and metal part from lighter (just like shield)
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Space Booster: some mods done to Force pack thay can be easily seen so I don't think any explanation is needed, 
before anyone asks: long cylindrical parts are fuel tanks made from old pens, modeling mass and spare polycap jonts from Impulse.
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Now about Gundam Sentinel - that's one EPIC book, benn reading it last week and I've done it on one breath, definitly must read for gundam fans. Hmmm it would be nice to get MG S-Gundam... sad think is that I'm broken :/ well i still have some kits to work on tough.

And one more thing, i got decals from Samuel Decals :D they look great, funny thing is that they arrived from Honk Kong faster than models I bought here in Poland.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm curently working on Assault Shield, but decided to snap evrything I've done so far to see how it will look like, and I realy like it, still need some sanding here and there but looks good... or so I think, for others it may look like crap tough :D
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Monday, March 16, 2009


goddamit.... 10 days since last update... I'm getting lazy.. I took a week vacation from modeling and it paid out greatly. In this week I was watching some anime mostly D.Gray-Man and I think it's totaly awesome. I seen all 103 episodes in 5 days so that speaks for itself. Also some Gundam X and Macross 7. Gundam X is decent IMHO but Macross 7 not so much, it is entertaining but SDF: Macross was somehow better. Last Thursday my Throne Drei arrived so I had pre-builded him to check out seam lines and other things wich I will have to work on and also because I just can't have any model kit in a box. I had done something that you could call a video (slideshow would be more acurate though) of building proces: 

Well that would all of my sensless rambling and for WIP:
I done second leg, and mooded the feets:
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Now I need to mod backpack and weapons, and some more sanding evryfreakingwere -_-
I think I will put this project on hold and work on Throne Drei for now, cause I'm totaly in love with this design :)
I promise I will updete this blog more frequently even if it wont be about modeling (or my models).

Friday, March 6, 2009


Right leg is done, without the feet tough -_-' It seems that I'm loosing my motivation to work on this kit... Maybe I should do something "easier" in the meantime...
Gotta think about it...
Whetever :D here are the pics:
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If You have ane questions what I exactly done then ask

Monday, March 2, 2009

Re-IG WIP 4 & some randome things

Let's go with wip update first, I finished right arm, but it's not the same as the other one, at first I wanted to do Rasiel-style shiled (very small, connected to underside of arm) but becaouse of elbow guard it wouldn't look so good. So I made something like this:
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... doesn't look that good on photo afterall, I may want to redo it later.

But that's not the end of update, I finished waist and skirts.
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Side skirts were moded to store beam sabers. One thing about beam sabers... I didn't like them, the handles were just so freaking long!
I had to mod them, now they are MUCH shorter.
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In next few days I should do legs, feets, weapons and backpack, then painting and decaling...
About decals... I was going to buy some from samueldecals but due to some issues I don't have any mooneyz :/
I found some tutarials on how to do waterslides by yourelf but yeah... those metods are from 80's and they don't work on this scale.

Anyway some good news, at the end of this week or at the begining of next I will get HG Throne Drei (a gift), I'm so damn happy, recently I builded Throne Eins and now I love this design even more.
I will propably abandon my idea of Koenig Throne, I like the design so much I don't wanna screw it up.

And now something done for lulz:
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"To be or not to be"

I'm not sure what i will do with this "ass-grabing" hand after moding Enact... Any ideas?
In case anyone is wondering: this is head of my unfinished 1/144 NG Providence (Air Superiority version)
I will finish him... one day... propably...