goddamit.... 10 days since last update... I'm getting lazy.. I took a week vacation from modeling and it paid out greatly. In this week I was watching some anime mostly D.Gray-Man and I think it's totaly awesome. I seen all 103 episodes in 5 days so that speaks for itself. Also some Gundam X and Macross 7. Gundam X is decent IMHO but Macross 7 not so much, it is entertaining but SDF: Macross was somehow better. Last Thursday my Throne Drei arrived so I had pre-builded him to check out seam lines and other things wich I will have to work on and also because I just can't have any model kit in a box. I had done something that you could call a video (slideshow would be more acurate though) of building proces: 

Well that would all of my sensless rambling and for WIP:
I done second leg, and mooded the feets:
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Now I need to mod backpack and weapons, and some more sanding evryfreakingwere -_-
I think I will put this project on hold and work on Throne Drei for now, cause I'm totaly in love with this design :)
I promise I will updete this blog more frequently even if it wont be about modeling (or my models).


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