EU-GC: Freedom Strike

So the contest work begins...

First thing was the most important modification - ataching Freedom's backpack on the the Strike's body, wich turned out to be way easier than expected. All I had to do was cut off half of the top part of backpack and then just do a little sanding here and there. Here is what i was left with

As you can see in the next picture fit is not perfect but i have alredy taken care of that with the power pla-plate altough forogot to take pictures so that will have to wait for the next update

there was one little issue with ataching the backpack - i had to get rid of lower thrusters of Strike but that was actualy a good think as it left me with an empty space perfect for making a stand atachment

After that I decided to do some works on the head, I got this kit from my friend (long story short he owed me some money so... well :D ) and he managed to break V-fin. Well quite easy to repair but why not change it a little bit? so instead of using original parts i used parts from 1/100 Astrea - still has that Strike feel but looks slighly diffrent, I'm thinking of changing it just a little bit but not sure yet.

But what more important is this:

I think you all know now where i'm going
Added a pla plate above the eyes to make that "evil" look

it looks quite fugly in the picture but i have alredy cleaned it up, again sorry for no picture, will be working on it soon so once i'm done you can expect another update. Also cutted out a place where a camera in the back would be so the light will shine once the new clear part is in place:

Back to the chest, added some plaplate on the front part to make it look more like a GFFN Strike, then added some plates for details, drilled out a hole in the chest, put a plaplate below it and added some details - kinda hard to see now but once primed should be visible, I will keep on adding details to the torso as it still looks to bland for me right now (especialy after Kamm & PhantomPain showed me some great great gunpla)

And the last 2 thing for this update - the weapons
Assault Rifle it is just a Freedom's rifle modded slightly

and the beam saber - nothing crazy tough...

I think this will be all for now...


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