Templars update

Yet another quick update.

I don't want to spoil the suprise so instead of just saying what I want to do with the base I will show some tutorials I found that should help me achive my desierd effect - or I will just fail miserably. Oh well.

FIrst one is this Massive Voodo - Working with natural leaves
I've been searching for some leaves to use with my miniatures and I have to say - they turn out quite pricey to be honest. So instead of buying some I kept searching for a way to make them myself. We will see how that works out.

Now for the base itself:

Seems kinda big? I don't think so, actualy it might be a bit small for the whole squad, but that remains to be seen. As you can see I've been working on this little feela, here is some more shots:

I know the highlights might appear to be quite bright but it's still before any washes and there will be also a good reason for that,
As for the washes, well, I don't want to use oil washes just yet so I opted for other ways. Now here is the deal, I don't have any Vallejo or  GW washes so i had to think of something. Decay told me of a great way to make washes out of normal Vallejo paints BUT that doesn't work with isopropyl alcohol. Instead of thining the paint it makes it lumpy. Sad face.
But don't worry - I've got this....
Here is what I did - water + ink, just a normal drawing ink. For now I only did some tests but I  might have thinned it too much.

One more thing for mr templar, decided i have to develop my freehanding skills (i've always been terrible at drawing) so started with something simple:

Needs a lot of cleanup but i'm quite happy with it. For now that is.

That's all for this update, in the next one there will be more hints on the base and the whole scene.


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