Miniature updates - 02102012

Almost done with moving the shop to the new location so it is a time for a little break to show you guys what i've been up to - at least hobby wise :)
I'm still working on Freedom Strike - but took a little break from it for now. Instead i've been working on 2 miniature projects. Both of them  are  of course in the vast universe of warhammer 40k.

First one i started on the same day that i was on a competition - but more about that soon as i belive it deserves a bit better coverage. Back to the miniature - it is a space marine biker, previous owner had an interesting idea of mixing Black Templars and Dark Angels herlady, for what reason i will never know. I decided to go with the ravenwing bike so a little bit of moding here and there and of to painting... almost.
I really like the way he looks so I wanted to create an interesting base for him, come to think of it, it is more of vignette altough quite a simple one. Started painting some base colours but nothing to crazy for now:

Second project is a bit more ambitious, i don't want to say too much for now. It feels quite diffrent and rather nice to paint a whole squad at the same time instead of just one miniature.

That is all for now, not that i don't have more to show or talk about - it's just time to get back to work ;)


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