"... of the shadow of death..."

Time for another little  update on templars. As it usualy is in this hobby (at least for me) the basic concept is always growing, and because of that i want to incorporate more things in  the build. Is this a good thing? I have no idea, but i'm still gonna do it.

So let's start with progress on the base, here is a very basic shape, i don't tihnk it will make much sense now, but that might be for the better.

And here is something that will hopefully look like a tree. Got some good tips on how to do it, so if I will fail i'm going to blame the one that gave me them.

As I said in the last update, looking at one of the marines gave me some ideas, here is what i had in mind:

Needs a bit of refining here and there but so far it's close to what i want .
Now changing that one guy afected another one as he became quite boring to look at, so after some searching in the bits box here is what we got:

 I'm not too sure about purity seals on the top but that was the easiest way to hide holes in resin, and I was quite lazy.

Well, seems like that's all for todays update.


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