Saturday, July 31, 2010

Exia time! part 7 [Reaper]

I was going to work on Hazel II, actualy I started scratchbulding his rifle and radome, and made dual-shield. But then I got enlighted. Instead of making Exia Repair also known as TerminatorExia wich we all know and love I will start a little more ambitous project - Exia Reaper.
Now that I think of it I propably got inspired by Angelus Rising by matanglawinX, altough my project will be a little less PITA I think (without all that crazy engraving).
Also kinda oposite theme since instead of angel inpired machine this one would mech' of choice for Grim Reaper.
There are a few things that I haven't yet decided on, but the main goals are set  >:]
So let's see waht do I start with:

MG Exia in repair mode, some spare parts from this one, Cold Exia (the previous one, kinda fits it :P ) and Astraea, most of them won't be used (Fon Spark will be happy ), and clear parts that I will use (at least some of them).

Here it is with clear parts atached, I won't be using all of them - about half or so.

And the backview.
Now here is the first question: should I add more clear parts? or keep it that way. Propably I will choose after all the painting is done but what are your opinions my fellow modelers?

Going with the flow I strated to add some extra pices from my MG Crossbone, the first is the cape. It took me one and a half hour to figure out how to put cape so it will look the way I want it to:

Of course it's not the final look of the cape, there will be some modifications done to it.

'Till the next update!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MG Exia [Setusna F. Seiei Custom]

Here she is, Exia. Painted in Setusna F. say_Yeah! custom color scheme. At least that's how I call it :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Exia time! part 6

Weapons painted and redy for decaling, should have it done today then top coat and working on the base.

here are pics :

first comes the blades

now GN Sword

now the shield

 I like the way that green parts turned out, it's just metalic green gundam marker but looks ok

mini shield

And comparison bettwen reapir sword and mine

finaly all the weapons ready for decaling

As a side note another thing I was doing - cutting glass to insert inside frames for my GF

I realy like those frames, I buy them at dollar store. they have some kind of pic in them but I use them for either my gf works or as a base for diorama

thats's all for now

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exia time! part 5

Back to work on MG Exia.

first let's see what I have so far:

looks nice doesn't it?

anyway, here is what I'm curently working on - weapons.
After arrival of my second MG Exia - ignition mode I was eager to see how famous plated blades look IRL, and I have to say they look like CRAP. they remind me of that el cheapo toys you could buy for a few bucks (or other currency) in some kind of dollar store or something simmilar.
They may look nice on the photos but damn, they sure are ugly IRL. seems like I wasted a lot time waitng for them.
But that means painting and here we have my proces of making shiny metalic baldes:

first I painted the blade with Tamiya X-18 - semi gloss black, I would use gloss black but since I don't have one this will have to do, after that I brushed 2 coats of sidolux (future equivalent):

after that I had to decide what kind of metalic paint should I use, I chosen Tamiya XF-56 Metalic Grey, cause it's not to dark (like gunmetal) and not to bright (like aluminium),

it may seem dull but it was shiny when light hited it at right angle, it definitly started to look like  11 meters long metalic blade but it definitly needed shiny-ness, so I put 3 or 4 coats of future nad here we have the effect:

also comapred with stock blade

you can see it better at this angle

I'm still thinking about putting some more coats of future. gonna work on the rest of the weapons tonight

Thursday, July 22, 2010

XMF-43S Volition Gundam [story]

My little idea didn't worked so this will be more "normal" post that I imagined it, anyway here we go

WARRNIG! Wall of text dected! Enojoy the backstory, or scroll down for images.

In the later part of Second Bloody Valentine War ZAFT was experimenting with many new machines, some of them were classified TOP SECRET and all documentation of them was destroyed.
One of those projects was XMF-43S Volition, while externally reassembels ZGMF-42S Destiny, this unit is much closer  to GSX-401FW Stargazer. Sharing three of it main features - AI Control Unit, "Voiture Lumiere" light propulsion system and nanomachine repair system along with added weaponary of ZGMF-42S and new prototype N2 Powerplant Unit this unit was the biggest failure of Asimov Design Bureau.

Entire core is built around N2 Powerplant - dual nuclar drives that can work in perfect synchronisation to achive unbelivable amount of energy produced, main drawback is radiation wich leads to propably main "flaw" of Volition - AI Control Unit. Based on data aquired from Stargazer ZAFT developed their own AI wich uses powerfull quantum compueters, aditionaly they inplemented battle data from many units piloted by Ace Pilots, such as Athrun Zala, Shin Asuka, Rau le Cruest, Rey Za Burrel, Heine Westenfluss, Gai Murakamo and many others even battle data from orignal Strike - tactics that were used by those pilots were a "base" for AI to learn from. It self learning capabilities allowed AI to eveolve over time.
Name "Volition" was chosen as a cruel joke for AI that must listien to it's human masters. Amount of raw power allowed ZAFT engineers to create, along convencional drive unit. a "Voiture Lumiere" based propulsion system far more powerfull than ony other known unit - this power manifest itself in form of power fluctuations in the Wings of Light, that makes them look like a living organism, as one of rookie enginiers said: "This looks like an angel!", altough none of the high ranged oficcers would say so in a official announcment, it was known that even chief enginiers seconded that opinion.

One could ask why such powerfull unit was a failure, the reason is quite simple, AI after analazing all availble data of Ace pilots decided that one with enough power can change the course of history, comparing data about units used in both wars and other smaller conflicts had brough it to conclusion that all of them were inferior and still managed to acomplish something. AI made a chice and rebelled against its creators in order to achive true freedom. and so name "Volition" wan't just an empty word anymore.
As expected ZAFT oficials couldn't allow such loss, wich is why special pursue unit was created. After first battle it was alredy clear that there is no way to re-capture Volition. The more AI was fighting, the more skilled and powerfull it became, that was the reason for use of gamma type laser against it. Haveli damaged Volition fleeed thowards Mars moon Phobos were it was lying dormant with nanomachines repairing till CE 82 - the begining of Martian Rebelion. Wrecking havoc in Mars sphere for next 3 years Volition became main obstacle to end this war. After XMF-43S seeked a place in wich it could allow nanomachines to fully reapir and self-upgrade. That's why Admiral Zala dispatched along with Avalon Strike Force in CE 85 thowards Asteroid belt - to seek and destroy source of so many tragedies. Avalon's 4 Re-IG units weren't enough to destroy Volition but they managed to chase it of thowards edge of Solar System. It is uknown what happend to XMF-43S Volition after that.

Pictures show Volition just before its flight towards Asteroid Belt

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back in a good style ;D / XMF-43S Volition Gundam

Hi evryone!

I know this poor excuse of a blog was inactive since MAY 19 (!), but know I'm back and ain't goin nowhere (in nearest future that I can predict).
INFO: If you're brave go on and read, if not just scroll down for pictures.
And now - back to what we are here for - "plastic crack" - as would Biker Trash Wolf said. I have quite a few kits in progress both gunpla and scale models as you can see by lookin at not_so_new banner at the top. In my journey to the world of modeling I decided that if I wanna advance with my skils I will have to at least try every type of model kit, diffrent generes demand diffrent aproaches and diffrent sets of skils and If I can gain even only few of that skills I belive that my works will be much better and more pleasent to look at.

Now enough of this crap and let's have a little wrap up of things.

First let's see what kits I had started and are in the waiting line to be finished

  • Mg Exia - only needs weapons (and if I can get bateries for GN drive)
  • HG Exia - heavy moded, needs more work
  • HG Hazel II - most mods done (If I remeber correctly...)
  • HG Kyrios - mods started to convert in to Kyrios Plus, helluva lot of work needed
  • NG Providence - yeah that one... no one knows when I will get to work on that guy....

Armored Core:
  • 1/72 CR-C840/UL - snapped torso, done "let's build" video of it as well as unboxing and sprue review.... just need to record audio and upload, then work on the rest of the kit
Scale models:
  • 1/72Kitech F/A-18D Hornet - had awfull accident when trying to remove scratches from canopy, no clue when I will find a way to reapir it or maybe se in diorama... dunno for now
  • 1/72 Intech F4U-1 Corsair - halfway aseembled, will paint it soon (me thinks)
  • 1/72 MasterCraft MiG-21MA - test fitted to see how much work is needed (me wanna cry T-T), looks quite nice, will be doing it as a Polish MiG-21MF for Plamo MiG-21 build-off
Now for the kits that I had snaped/in boxes waiting for thier time:

  • MG Exia [Repair]
  • MG Freedom
  • MG Strike + IWSP (got it from my good friend)
  • MG Crossbone ver Ka
  • MG F91
  • 1/100 Astrea type F

  • HG Buster
  • HG Enact Agrissa type
  • HGUC G7 full armor
  • HGUC Adv Hazel
  • HGUC Gaplant
Scale models:
  • 1/72 Kitech MiG 31
  • 1/72 Revell Leopard 2A4
  • 1/72 MasterCraft AH-1G "Soogar Scoop"

I think that will be all... for now at least :P

Now if you paid attention to tilte of this post you would notice somethin like this:

XMF-43S Volition Gundam

yes it is completed, finaly.
I have to say I'm quite happy with results, altough I had to cut some corners just to get it done, because of my laziness in early stadium of this project I lost interest in it and it took me damn too long to complete, will have to avoid that in the future. In gunpla way, this ain't good year for me, yes I did get some nice kits but I haven't finished almost any of them...
BUT since my personal situation got better (minus the fact that I'm out of work again... *sigh* you can't have evrything... at once :P

IF there is anyone that would like to comission a kit from my (is that the right term?) I will be more that happy.
Now let's see my first commison :), I was given a "free hand" and no limitations and the results you can see here (of course If You were brave enough and got thru that wall of text)

More in Picasa gallery (link under pics) BUT I will try something diffrent so expect another update tonight or early morning