Exia time! part 7 [Reaper]

I was going to work on Hazel II, actualy I started scratchbulding his rifle and radome, and made dual-shield. But then I got enlighted. Instead of making Exia Repair also known as TerminatorExia wich we all know and love I will start a little more ambitous project - Exia Reaper.
Now that I think of it I propably got inspired by Angelus Rising by matanglawinX, altough my project will be a little less PITA I think (without all that crazy engraving).
Also kinda oposite theme since instead of angel inpired machine this one would mech' of choice for Grim Reaper.
There are a few things that I haven't yet decided on, but the main goals are set  >:]
So let's see waht do I start with:

MG Exia in repair mode, some spare parts from this one, Cold Exia (the previous one, kinda fits it :P ) and Astraea, most of them won't be used (Fon Spark will be happy ), and clear parts that I will use (at least some of them).

Here it is with clear parts atached, I won't be using all of them - about half or so.

And the backview.
Now here is the first question: should I add more clear parts? or keep it that way. Propably I will choose after all the painting is done but what are your opinions my fellow modelers?

Going with the flow I strated to add some extra pices from my MG Crossbone, the first is the cape. It took me one and a half hour to figure out how to put cape so it will look the way I want it to:

Of course it's not the final look of the cape, there will be some modifications done to it.

'Till the next update!


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