Back in a good style ;D / XMF-43S Volition Gundam

Hi evryone!

I know this poor excuse of a blog was inactive since MAY 19 (!), but know I'm back and ain't goin nowhere (in nearest future that I can predict).
INFO: If you're brave go on and read, if not just scroll down for pictures.
And now - back to what we are here for - "plastic crack" - as would Biker Trash Wolf said. I have quite a few kits in progress both gunpla and scale models as you can see by lookin at not_so_new banner at the top. In my journey to the world of modeling I decided that if I wanna advance with my skils I will have to at least try every type of model kit, diffrent generes demand diffrent aproaches and diffrent sets of skils and If I can gain even only few of that skills I belive that my works will be much better and more pleasent to look at.

Now enough of this crap and let's have a little wrap up of things.

First let's see what kits I had started and are in the waiting line to be finished

  • Mg Exia - only needs weapons (and if I can get bateries for GN drive)
  • HG Exia - heavy moded, needs more work
  • HG Hazel II - most mods done (If I remeber correctly...)
  • HG Kyrios - mods started to convert in to Kyrios Plus, helluva lot of work needed
  • NG Providence - yeah that one... no one knows when I will get to work on that guy....

Armored Core:
  • 1/72 CR-C840/UL - snapped torso, done "let's build" video of it as well as unboxing and sprue review.... just need to record audio and upload, then work on the rest of the kit
Scale models:
  • 1/72Kitech F/A-18D Hornet - had awfull accident when trying to remove scratches from canopy, no clue when I will find a way to reapir it or maybe se in diorama... dunno for now
  • 1/72 Intech F4U-1 Corsair - halfway aseembled, will paint it soon (me thinks)
  • 1/72 MasterCraft MiG-21MA - test fitted to see how much work is needed (me wanna cry T-T), looks quite nice, will be doing it as a Polish MiG-21MF for Plamo MiG-21 build-off
Now for the kits that I had snaped/in boxes waiting for thier time:

  • MG Exia [Repair]
  • MG Freedom
  • MG Strike + IWSP (got it from my good friend)
  • MG Crossbone ver Ka
  • MG F91
  • 1/100 Astrea type F

  • HG Buster
  • HG Enact Agrissa type
  • HGUC G7 full armor
  • HGUC Adv Hazel
  • HGUC Gaplant
Scale models:
  • 1/72 Kitech MiG 31
  • 1/72 Revell Leopard 2A4
  • 1/72 MasterCraft AH-1G "Soogar Scoop"

I think that will be all... for now at least :P

Now if you paid attention to tilte of this post you would notice somethin like this:

XMF-43S Volition Gundam

yes it is completed, finaly.
I have to say I'm quite happy with results, altough I had to cut some corners just to get it done, because of my laziness in early stadium of this project I lost interest in it and it took me damn too long to complete, will have to avoid that in the future. In gunpla way, this ain't good year for me, yes I did get some nice kits but I haven't finished almost any of them...
BUT since my personal situation got better (minus the fact that I'm out of work again... *sigh* you can't have evrything... at once :P

IF there is anyone that would like to comission a kit from my (is that the right term?) I will be more that happy.
Now let's see my first commison :), I was given a "free hand" and no limitations and the results you can see here (of course If You were brave enough and got thru that wall of text)

More in Picasa gallery (link under pics) BUT I will try something diffrent so expect another update tonight or early morning


  1. holy sh*t that looks really good.
    damn im real jealous if i see most of youre projects done.
    i wish i had same skill and time free as you.

    nice job and keep it up, ill follow


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