Exia time! part 5

Back to work on MG Exia.

first let's see what I have so far:

looks nice doesn't it?

anyway, here is what I'm curently working on - weapons.
After arrival of my second MG Exia - ignition mode I was eager to see how famous plated blades look IRL, and I have to say they look like CRAP. they remind me of that el cheapo toys you could buy for a few bucks (or other currency) in some kind of dollar store or something simmilar.
They may look nice on the photos but damn, they sure are ugly IRL. seems like I wasted a lot time waitng for them.
But that means painting and here we have my proces of making shiny metalic baldes:

first I painted the blade with Tamiya X-18 - semi gloss black, I would use gloss black but since I don't have one this will have to do, after that I brushed 2 coats of sidolux (future equivalent):

after that I had to decide what kind of metalic paint should I use, I chosen Tamiya XF-56 Metalic Grey, cause it's not to dark (like gunmetal) and not to bright (like aluminium),

it may seem dull but it was shiny when light hited it at right angle, it definitly started to look like  11 meters long metalic blade but it definitly needed shiny-ness, so I put 3 or 4 coats of future nad here we have the effect:

also comapred with stock blade

you can see it better at this angle

I'm still thinking about putting some more coats of future. gonna work on the rest of the weapons tonight


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