Sunday, July 31, 2011

[Spectre Strike] WIP 8 - with the speed of AIR

Another Update! This time let me show you what i've done in a day of painting.

Airbrushing is a pretty straight forward thing so I don't think I should describe how I did it, right?
But I can list the colours I used, I will let you guys guess wich is used where but that should be an easy one.

Here we go:
Tamiya X-2 White
Agama A41 M Air Superiority Blue
Tamiya XF-18 Medium Blue
Tamiya XF-80 Royal Light Grey
Tamiya XF-53 Neutral Grey
Tamiya X-10 Gunmetal

I was thinking about trying pre-shading but my airbrushing skils aren't up to the task yet (neither is my pseudo-Iwata on such a small kit). Hmm this post is missing something... what could it be... oh! PICTURES!!!!

Now my toughts about the couolrs i used for the first time:

Agama Air Superiority Blue (FS 35450 if anyone cares) is definitly a nice shade and i'm getting more and more impressed on how nice those paints are for airbrushing, it feels better to airbrush them if that makes any sense, and somehow they aren't clogging in an airbrush and are easier to clean, and as I said before, when handpinting the brush strokes are hardly seen, and even that only sometimes. Definitly worth trying if you guys can get some of them. Oh and most important - they are cheap, wich is even more suprisng.

Tamiya X-10 Gunmetal, can't say it looks bad or anything, but I was kinda expecting it be a little bit darker OOJ (out of the jar), it may appear similar to metalic grey but I do like later one a lot more.

Tamiya XF-80 Royal Light Grey, definitly woth getting, it is a very interesting shade of grey, I'm painting for only few years but this is the first time I get shade like that OOJ, it is a very warm grey, like it would have just a little bit  of yellow or orange in to it, but it is still definitly grey.

That should be all for this update, next up is detail painting and putting the metal parts on, then gloss coat. After that you guys can expect another update.
Aulon out.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

[Spectre Srike] WIP 7 - Primed and ready

Picking up some much needed speed again :D

Spectre is primed and ready for first round of painitng, i'm not gonna tell you what kind of a colour scheme it will be (I did mention it before tough...).

Anyway let's have a look;

What do you think guys? Is this a match for the Raven?

Other than that I maganged to choose final shades of coulurs - with big help of my friends from Zombie Killing Team, and did a quick mock up in photoshop to try out few things BEFORE painting - just so i won't have to repaint the whole thing if some ideas will turn crappy.

Hopefully I can start painitng today. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[Spectre Strike] WIP 6 - I can see the light in the tunnel... I think it's light.. right?


as promised some updates on the Spectre, i got so excited while working on it i forgot to take more picures so there will be only a few this time, still i hope you guys will like what u will see

Basicly i was working mostly on the wngs, decided to practice my scribing skills more so plating will be only minimal, for those parts i plan to focus more on the paint job and decals. But still some mods were done, as you can clearly see swords were modded to act more as a wings and they lost their ability to detach and be handhelded.
Other than that i scribied some lines on upper wings (the small ones) and middle conector pieces. I still have to finish other wing, but that shouldn't take too much time (if I will not get distracted...)

I couldn't wait any longer so I put evrthing that was done togheter to see how it looks, I will let you guys decide for yourself if it looks "ok" or not:

not the best or photo angle to show evrything tough

and again didn't took pics but the base is coming along nicely, for now a picture from early stages of painting

should be about evrything for now. Next update will be primed Spectre :D

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's library time!

ok guys I updated library few days ago but didn't realy get around to post about it....

anyway some new stuff include awesome Char's Deleted Afair manga scanlated by Zeonic Scanlations, some more mangas, a helluvalot of Random pictures and i gotta warn u guys that some of them may not be safe for work (depending where you work of course)

as far as the WIP updates go, you can go to ZN TV to see latest update of Noir. next update will be soon as I'am approaching painting stage.

I hope to get this guy done by the end of the week (along with the diorama of course)

other WIPs.... well absolutely nothing done.. deadlines are coming and I think I will need galons of coffee in order to make it all....

Almost forgot - there is an local competition held in september (23-25) so i will definitly go there, if the time will allow i may make a scale model for it (no gunpla) but i will definitly take some of my kits there, if u have any propositions as to wich ones shoud i take please put it in the comments :D

I guess that's about it fir this post , so stay tuned for some updates this week :D