It's library time!

ok guys I updated library few days ago but didn't realy get around to post about it....

anyway some new stuff include awesome Char's Deleted Afair manga scanlated by Zeonic Scanlations, some more mangas, a helluvalot of Random pictures and i gotta warn u guys that some of them may not be safe for work (depending where you work of course)

as far as the WIP updates go, you can go to ZN TV to see latest update of Noir. next update will be soon as I'am approaching painting stage.

I hope to get this guy done by the end of the week (along with the diorama of course)

other WIPs.... well absolutely nothing done.. deadlines are coming and I think I will need galons of coffee in order to make it all....

Almost forgot - there is an local competition held in september (23-25) so i will definitly go there, if the time will allow i may make a scale model for it (no gunpla) but i will definitly take some of my kits there, if u have any propositions as to wich ones shoud i take please put it in the comments :D

I guess that's about it fir this post , so stay tuned for some updates this week :D


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