[Spectre Strike] WIP 6 - I can see the light in the tunnel... I think it's light.. right?


as promised some updates on the Spectre, i got so excited while working on it i forgot to take more picures so there will be only a few this time, still i hope you guys will like what u will see

Basicly i was working mostly on the wngs, decided to practice my scribing skills more so plating will be only minimal, for those parts i plan to focus more on the paint job and decals. But still some mods were done, as you can clearly see swords were modded to act more as a wings and they lost their ability to detach and be handhelded.
Other than that i scribied some lines on upper wings (the small ones) and middle conector pieces. I still have to finish other wing, but that shouldn't take too much time (if I will not get distracted...)

I couldn't wait any longer so I put evrthing that was done togheter to see how it looks, I will let you guys decide for yourself if it looks "ok" or not:

not the best or photo angle to show evrything tough

and again didn't took pics but the base is coming along nicely, for now a picture from early stages of painting

should be about evrything for now. Next update will be primed Spectre :D


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