Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi guys!
A little update on evrything.
Exia HBFS is progressing slowly, no real pics to show, expect some next week tough. I've been kinda busy working on other project - SD Kanpei. He is alresy painted and gloos coated (a LOT of coats) and I have to say that I realy like the way he looks right now. Learned a few thing with this kit - won't be trying reverse wash for a long time. It may work better with enamel as a base but with laquer paint not so much. I so much more prefer just to handpaint all those small details... wich I did on colours other than gold. Another thing, quite wierd as well - when I was glos coating it with future in some places future washed off acrlic paint - but only metalic gray...

Anyway will be working on dio for it soon.

This also my first day at new job :D was unumployed for 3 and half month. It's again a training job - so it's only temporary and payment isn't big... but still something...
This time I'm working in a PC Hardware shop. Hope to learn many new things...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exia time! part 10 [Exia HBFS]

Comtinuing from where I left off - Exia time! part 4

I know I said there won't be any heavy mods, but that was in the middle of april...
Now exia would look to much like Qan[T] so decided to to go all out. I got inspirition from a song, wonder if you can guess what song :P I will give you a hint - look at the name. 

Most of waht you will see below is blu-tacked, altough the head and sword mount will stay the way they are

Still I need your help guys - should I add a V-fin? 
Other question is paint job - I think of using gray and purple/violet but what 3rd colour to use? 

anyway enough talking, it's time for photos!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi evryone!
just a lil update, currently tring to finish SD Kanpei before deadline ( at least once...) then will move to some older WIPs that I strated:
HG Kyrios
HG Exia
NG Providence

or so is my dream. in the mean time I will do some military kits and try to finish snapping AC.

Waiting for a reply from italian BAKUC 2010 sponsor, I asked them if international entries are allowed if so I will be building something totaly diffrent - it's a secret for now :P

as you can see I changed the blog a tiny little bit...

it's realy late when I'm writing this so about time to catch some Z's...

till the next time!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hazel II [Recon]

Finaly completed.
My first airbrushed kit, will be a part of bigger dio but for now here it is: