Exia time! part 10 [Exia HBFS]

Comtinuing from where I left off - Exia time! part 4

I know I said there won't be any heavy mods, but that was in the middle of april...
Now exia would look to much like Qan[T] so decided to to go all out. I got inspirition from a song, wonder if you can guess what song :P I will give you a hint - look at the name. 

Most of waht you will see below is blu-tacked, altough the head and sword mount will stay the way they are

Still I need your help guys - should I add a V-fin? 
Other question is paint job - I think of using gray and purple/violet but what 3rd colour to use? 

anyway enough talking, it's time for photos!


  1. The way you kit bash this kit is nice and interesting, friend. Good job! :)

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