Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MG F91 - WIP2

I've managed to do some work on the F91, currently focusing on the torso area.
The sad part is i'm not exactly sure where did I put the drytransfers.. and as I don't have any aftermarket specific decals I will propably either skip them or try to freehand but I don't think they will be needed.
As fot the decals i'm usuing - I've got some HIQPARTS decals wich are fantastic, And so far those are the only waterslides that I have with yellow ones, aside from that i'm using some warning decals i've got from Kamm back in the day.

Nothign much else to say here, so I will just show the pictures :]
Also please note that those pics were taken via Phone camera (HTC Desire X) and while still pretty good quality, they are much much worse than last batch that i've posted - wich were taken with my camera (Benq GH600)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

MG F91 - WIP1

Also known as: where the heck are days 3-6?

That didn't last long did it?
I fell bad about that but i didn't really have much choice. I've been really busy at work, and in hte end i decided to go back to uni and get my masters degree so i've been dealing with all the paperwork around that (also securing the funds). My leg still isn't the way it should be, so i just took some time to rest.
BUT I've been working on F91 so i have some progress to share this time.
Hopefully that will make up for the days i skiped. It won't but I will keep telling myslef that to feel better and you can do nothing about it. Aside from comments that is....

ANNNNNYYYYWAYYY on to the more pressing matters here is the F91, painting is coming along good imho, also started some weathering, not gonna go too heavy on it, that being said i do like doing battle damage and weathering so anythign can happen... yeah...
Now on to the pictures, I went for a color scheme that i used a lot... just because i like it and it kinda works with this one.
no mods, no details, just a straight up build.

Finaly let's move to the pictures:

It's still kinda glossy from the paint BUT the next step will be finishing weathering, then gloss coat, then panellines and decals, then matt coat, more weathering, and done. Shouldn't take too long, or so I hope.

TIll the next one (hopefully soon)

also a little teaser:

Monday, December 2, 2013

and so it continues (for now)

December the 2nd,
and so far i'm writing a post everyday! (wich means 2 so far but let's keep quite about that).

Nothing much today as i don't have any pictures to share, that should hopefully change tomorow.
What will be on those pictures?
Who the hell knows.
Propab;y the stuff i'm working on right now, altough i don't like using the word "work" as that makes me think of job/work and something you do becasue you have to, not beacuse you WANT to. You might like, or even love your job, but in the end it's just that - a job.
And when you work in a toxic enviroment, with unstable and very dark future you don't exactly want to asociate that with what you do for fun.
So my current projects that i hope to show tomorow are 2 gunpla kits. Yes i know i have a shitton of minis that don't need much to be finished, and some scale models i started and lots and lots of other stuff, but who cares....

Those 2 projects would be 1/144 Geara Zulu done in a Borderlands-esque style, wich is pretty close to being done and MG F91 Gundam. That one i just started but as it was cleaned and ready for a long time, it's just a simple paintjob, nothing fancy, just a relaxation project.

I'd love to talk about a few more things  - like this year Modeling Contest in my local area, in wich I did win, and that was 3rd year in a row wich makes me extremaly happy. Also first time in Figures category, mostly cause i didn't have time to do any dioramas.
But that and other stuff will have to wait for another day as i'm really tired and i should get some sleep

Till the next one!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

hi guys

So yeah, this time i really outdid myself in terms of updates, or lack thereof to be more precise...

I know it's just the first of december but so far '13 wasn't a kind year for me. It could still change, if we were living in a perfect world, but as you might imagine - we're not.

Anyway i had a lot of stuff to deal with this year, most important being univeristy, the car accident, dealing with lyme disease, unstable job situation and a bunch of smaller stuff as well.
Wich is why you might have not seen me as often as used to. And that wasn't taht often to beging with....

But i'm back.
For how long? Who the fuck knows. :)

The thing is I just decided i have to change few things in my life, mostly the fact that i became o lot more lazy, mostly due to general bad mood, and i hope that maintaning a blog will get me back on tracks. To achive that I plan will try to post somethign everyday. yeah... right, if that's ever gonna happen...
But i will give it my best shot, so you can expect some WIP posts, some posts with finsihed stuff, i don't really feel comfortable with writing a tutorial - as I do feel quite a bit rusty, but anything is subject to change...

There will be also some posts with my general toughts on things, suc as modeling in general, forums and stuff like that.

So that one was a short one but let's hope it will be the begining of something wonderfull

c ya soon!