Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel


just a quick little post, still recovering from car accident, too bad the workload at the new job doesn't really allow for that, anyways here is my warm up for the Mad Spiderz Paint Off Chellenge Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Tearer of Flesh

Boy oh boy, another month without a post... well it was quite a month for me to be honest.
I started a new job - as a postman - and it is quite an exhousting one, basicaly working overtime is a daily routine. Also in other news i had a car accident last week, my car went FUBAR but the most important  - i didn't suffer any major damage. The problem is i now have to get some sort of car but afording it isn't so easy.

Anyway enough about that let me show you my latest creation, first time painting marble, experimanting with posing, working on my zenithal shading. quite happy with it.
Too bad my camera is dying slowly, but as you might imagine i won't be getting one anytime soon...

Now on to the pictures itself:

Also i will write more about this but just posting the link now in case you want to join! PAINT OFF TIME!