I realized my posts are nowhere near "frequent" and to somehow fight with that I will try to post more WIP updates (yeah I did say that a few times in the past but I promise I will try really hard this time... maybe)

Anyway, first thing there is a certian project i'm involved in curently that consists of 4 certain individuals, some spizderz and a lot of madness, hopfully we will be able to sahre it soon (that is if any of use will move their lazy asses)

now on to the updates.

First is a little something I want to share with you all, THIS:

I won this book in a contest organized by Sgt. Zab from Almost Perftec , he is a really cool guy and you should check his blog (it is woth it belive me) the book itslef looks really amazing, but I am really torn, why? Well, I want to read it os badly but then again i'm still reading "The First Heretic" and I don't want to spoil any of the books in between them (that should be around 4 books IRC) so I guess it will have to wait - but it looks badass on the shelf :D

Now on to the hobby updates - both miniature and mecha (yes, mecha you heard it right - back to the roots), so 'rer we go!

first will be the Geara Zulu;

I wanted to achive a style similar to seen in Borderlands (wich I love, still haven't played the second tough, no monay for games sadly)

here some shots of color tests, TBH i'm quite happy with texture and overall look, too bad my compact camera never wants to work with Red

And some fun with pigments (waiting for necessary clean up)

Now on to the next one (there will be more mecha at the end ;) )

Working on a small dio featuring Ork Death Skulls

Next is a true scale converted Space Marine Captian (damn i forgot wich chapter was it.... ooops) wich is a requested display piece

I must confess... painting Tyranids is always a helluva lot of fun

A little side projcet - Grey Knight Terminator - why? because I had some spare bits lying around

And now a Ravenwing biker

And those damn templars.... I really need some serious motivation to finish that dio..

Now for some more mecha - this is my entry for Mecha Lounge CHAOS GB, obviously I joined the wining team - Air Team of course, so here is what i have after an evening of brainstorming:

Not yet sure about the ass booster but I will think about it when i get back to working on this guy.

I guess that's about it for now, 'till the next one!


  1. Wow! You have a lot on your plate. Thanks for the shout out. I'm glad you got the book safe and sound :)


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