Grey Knights Terminator [metalics test piece]

Had this little guy on a desk for a while and finnaly got him done. More of a test piece than anything else but still looks good in my opinion and he is up for sale, anyway on to the photos:

So here it is. Still no luck finding a new job. It's been quite a hard time for me lately but i still try to keep myself busy with other things, some of them you will hopefully see soon (something mad and spidery).


  1. I love the lava effect on the base. Good luck with the job hunt. It takes a long time these days. Don't get discouraged :) The economy sucks everywhere :(

  2. Excellent mini Aulon. What stands out to me the most is how beautiful the gold came out and the shadows across the kit. Thats the one thing I've noticed gets better and better with every miniature you make. I think you've really found your style and "go-to" techniques with the highlights/shadows. Very impressive. Also your pictures look great too.


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