[ZN40K] Belial Conversion - part 3

Hello again! I had to wait for some Dark Angels bits to arrive, instead of getting them on wednesdey they arrived on friday -_-

Anyway I managed to finish bulding him and started base coating and did some work on his base
Here are pics:

After consultation with Hive Lord Decay I decided to re-do the sword, and now the Hive is pleased, it would be great to hack some of his spawns with it one day :D

 And here we have the start of the base, this is the "scenic" base but i'm still thinking about doing a "game" base in case i would ever play 40K.

Started base coating him with Tamiya Dark Green:

And you can see another Ork in the background

As a bonus for those who managed to read/scroll to this point: those are my space marine parts/bits that i managed to colloect - with a great help of my friends: The Beard and Hive Lord :D

'Till the next update hopefulyy soon!


  1. Looks good so far. Are you basing the composition of the figure on the artwork for Belial in 'The Purging of Kadilus'?

    1. thx!, yeah... at least "kind of" on that artwork, but "the rule of cool" is strong within this one :)

  2. Really like it so far man, look forward to more of him.

    1. Thx! there should be more updates soon :)


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