[ZN40K] Belial Conversion - part 2

Time for next update, but first i wanna share with you that i actualy managed to finish something for HLJ contest - not what i originaly planned but still something decent IMO.

Now for the progress on Belial, after many many tries i got the basic shape of his sword, altough i would love some comments on it (too thick? too short?), now that i look at it it needs a lot of work still.... oh well :D

Also started adding bits and pieces to main body (head is still on blue-tac) as well as one of the arms.

According to The Bearded One - his proportions are now a lot better and more realisitic, wich makes me happy cause that's what i'm going for (aside from the Rule of Cool).

And let's have some size comparisons as well.
next to normal marine:

 next to terminator:

That's all for now, stay tuned for more!


  1. First off, the sword looks a bit too short. I am not 100% on this maybe it looks right when it is on the figure.Second, the proportions look great. The cloak you made is very nice too.


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