Sd Gyan - bling tests

This is one of projects for 2012 Mecha Contest, this is gonna be just a simple OOB Painted. Wasn't going to do anything in that category BUT my litlle brother asked me to paint it for him so here we go.

I started with the gold shoulder pad as I wanted to try out Vallejo Model Color Gold that i got from my GF.

first let's have a look at the plastic color for comparison

ugly yellowish gold wannabe, That just HAD to go. so i began, after doing a few minis and reading/watching a LOT of painting related stuff i decided to do it a bit diffrently this time

First i painted the whole piece in metalic brown

To tell you the truth i realy like it just like that but that wasn't the end,
After that i was care fully painting it with vallejo gold, but i left the deepest / darkest areas untouched

After that I did highlighting with Gold to make certain areas "pop" more - i mean edges, and top most parts that i wanted to shine a bit more

 Next step was to make a diffrence between "layers" of armor just to make it a little bit more interesting.
I just used tamiya semigloss black mixedwith future to get a kind of wash/filter / transparent smoke/

That's all that has been done so far, next will be the blade and all of those little ornaments.


  1. good luck with the contest.
    i'll be following you for sure this year.

    and can't you give a tiny hint about you're next projects?


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