Sunday, February 27, 2011

Painting mr. Bone

just a liltle update after first coat of paint.
it is still to cold for me to paint with an airbrush so back to handpainting, and as many of you know handpainting white sucks, therefore I changed colour scheme a little.
For the violet i mixed Agama 05M  Blue and 42M Dark Red, that's not the exact colour i was going for, this one is much darker and deeper but I think it will work well with greys

light grey (Agama A6M -light grey)

dark grey (Agama A23M - medium grey)


orange (Agama N29M -sand yellow)

Also  used matX "deep metal" technique - flat coat over metalic paints - on the frame, I have to say results area suprisngly good and I love it, wasn't sure if it will work on Agama and Tamiya metalic paints. I'm definitli going to use that technique more often

Thursday, February 24, 2011

X-bone: reactivation

Hi evryone!
Did some work on mr. Bone, inner frame is painted, holes filled, parts sanded, chest piece is giving me some troubles but I have evrything under control now. I'm thinking of adding more colours to the inner frame, on the other hand it won't be visible anyway... maybe...

I got asked a lot what kind of mesh did I use... here is the answer: electric razor. to be more precise an old broken Braun electric razor, so lesson learned - never throw things out :P

and now for the pictures

That will be all for now. Now what left is finishing chest mods, priming and painting - then on to the dio!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Go with the flow"

Hi evrybody!
Long time no update huh? (seems like this should be my catchprhase ^-^' )

Anyway for hose of You that are still reading this poor excuse of a blog let's have a little talk...

It is now 2nd February of 2011, last update was on 9 November 2010, quite a lot of time, won't be making any excues  tough. It's just the way the life is. Many things happend some better, some worse, will start with those bad first and then move to good ones.

Other bad thing is my health status - but that entirly my fault so nothing much more to say. I managed to not to go to hospital (altough that could be better, but I can't do that now) .

3rd and the last is my work, wich kinda leaves my without perspectives.

And here we have a lttle explanation of this post title: "Go with the flow"
As I just can't plan anything, can't predict what will happen there is no point in trying to do that. Instead will just try to do my best and wait for the right time.

Sometimes You just want to run away, leave evrything, strat from scratch...

OK, enough of that, let's go to good things:

As You may know or not know, I took part in MAC 1st SD Contest, and to my suprise, I won!
yes here is the link to winning kit: SD Kanpei

and here are my prizes:

That made me really really happy :D

But that's not the end!
I also took part in BasicModeling contest on YouTube, and scored first place in figures category:

In other news, my exams are going quite well so far, if I am to say so myslef, it is also thanks to my great friends  from University :D

as for the modeling updates - there is none... to many things on my head but I think I will be able to work some on my projects in february.

Till the next update!