Painting mr. Bone

just a liltle update after first coat of paint.
it is still to cold for me to paint with an airbrush so back to handpainting, and as many of you know handpainting white sucks, therefore I changed colour scheme a little.
For the violet i mixed Agama 05M  Blue and 42M Dark Red, that's not the exact colour i was going for, this one is much darker and deeper but I think it will work well with greys

light grey (Agama A6M -light grey)

dark grey (Agama A23M - medium grey)


orange (Agama N29M -sand yellow)

Also  used matX "deep metal" technique - flat coat over metalic paints - on the frame, I have to say results area suprisngly good and I love it, wasn't sure if it will work on Agama and Tamiya metalic paints. I'm definitli going to use that technique more often


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