Mopping up the streets [WIP-1]

So far it's a good week for me, got a certain package that made me VERY happy, you can read more about it HERE .

But let me show you what i'm working on, but don't worry i'm also getting closer to finishing Freedom Strike. It's just that lately i don't have as much time as I had wich complicates a LOT. Ok, this isn't blog created for me to whine, so let's procced to main event of this post:

Just a little Dio i'm working on, as the name suggest there will be a team of Space Marines getting rid of some enemies, Marines will be painted as 6th Company of Ultramarines Chapter

That's just the basic shape, hopefully it will look good when finished :D

This is also first time for me to do mods on figures:
First thing is very small but you gotta start somehere - I modded one of the bolters in to Combi-Melta Gun, here is a comparison picture:

Hopefully it will look acceptable when painted.

Alredy started painting first of the five marines in my team:

Still some work needed, but I think it's going in the right direction.

Till the next one!


  1. Looking good the rok formations


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