Imperial Fists Captain

Next mini finished this time a Space Marine Captian painted in Imperial Fists Chapter colors.

To tell you the truth that one was quite tricky, why? 'Cause it's one of figs i bought "used" from auction site, and it had a small problem - it was alredy undercoated with white paint. That's nothing bad you may think, and it isn't - the Champion  I painted before was also undercoated, BUT this time somebody did quite a sloppy job on it, many details were lost, many bubbles in paint. In the end - I'm was not impressed at all.

I did try to wash it of but my usual washing mixture proved to be to strong for Games Workshop plastic - fig started to melt in few places (and i broke the sword) after some repairs and waiting i decided to just go and paint it anyway. here is the result:

Cheers! And till the next one! Next post will be a WIP post!


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