Monday, August 8, 2011

Spectre Strike COMPLETED

Spectre has been finalyy completed :D

And now as usual a little bit of a backstory....

Spectre - a ghost from the Bloody Valentine, only Mobile Suit left for OMNI remnants, originaly 3rd unit of Strike Noir later upgraded by Aktaion industries to bring closer the goals of Phantom Pain, to eradicate all spacenoids. Now chased by ZAFT special forces, hiding in base located in Atacama dessert waiting for repairs and mainetance...

Suprise attack on the base, no time to finish rearming or reapirs, Spectre launches for it's final sortie, altough the battle is alredy over. Overwhelmed by ZAFT forces the only thing Allen - the pilot - can do now is to brign as many of them as possible to hell with him...


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