[Freedom Strike] - recap

Time for some updates!

I'm not entirly sure what I showed last time so in this update I will try to show evrything done on freedom strike, altough I.m pretty sure I showed how I mounted the backpack so will skip that.

It definitly feels nice to work on a bigger kit for a change, more room, more posibilities, more mistakes... errr nevermind that last one.

First let me show you the chest piece, did some detailing on it:

I still think about adding some more to it but on the other hand, time is runing out so we will see about that.
Next is the head, still needs some panel lines and  few details but I do like the overall shape

Next up are weapons - modified gun - gotta say i'm quite happy with that one, and new shield wich still needs work but I will get to that eventualy

Just to show a little size comparison:

You may be able to notice barrels at the end of new shiled. I don't know why but I do like the concpet of making shield on offense-defense weapon instead of just defense.

One thing I don't really like about MG Freedom are railguns in the sideskirts, they are a too big for my taste, so they had to go.
I still want to have this guy look somewhat similar to Freedom, and we all know that his Baleena Plasma Cannons stored in the wings are one of his signature weapons, but since I used them to make new shield I came up with something just a little diffrent:

Definitly like that. Still needs work tough, but I hope to be able to finish the wings tonight. "A whole night just to finish those cannons?!" - you may think, BUT that's not the only thing i have planned for wings. I had alredy did quite a lot of scribing here you have a comparison of before and after:

I had filled the line with normal black marker so you can see it better.
There will be some more plating going on there but that I will do tonight. If u are a carefull reader you might noticed a maroon colored part in one of the pictures above, yes they do come from Throne Drei and yes I am going to use them on Freedom strike. How? Well I've seen a lot of good modelers moding the sides of main wings to look like they are open, usualy that involved cutting parts from another MG Freedom, But here is what I'm gonna do:

It may look a little bit funky right now but wiat till it's done ;)


  1. im really speechless with the work youre doing on the gunpla.
    youre really one of the top custom modellers i know

    i'll follow this project closer since its one of my favorite mobile suits
    keep it up


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