X-bone - the END is NIGH!!

Well not realy, altough I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (wich most propably is a train... or a monoeye :P)
decided to put this little fella togheter to see if the colour scheme isn't crap. To my suprise it works rather well, so far i mostly took photos at night so the deep purple seemd like black, but here are some shots in sunlight,
there is still some work needed, like painting undersides of the shoulders, and few pieces are still not painted at all, then on to the deacaling I will be using Crossbone waterslides from bandai, but the risk is that red markings won't be easily seen on grey, in that case i will use some other waterslides i got from samueldecals.com, I got some mishaps when putting togheter - the worst was that i broke both sb-ed antenae and v-fin... but repaired that alredy, other than that some scratches but i can call that begining of weathering / battle damage process... i guess...

If everything will go as planned (and as usual it propably won't) i should finish this kit next week.


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