X-bone daily update

Last night i managed to do panelline wash and started painting the dio.

I'm making some good progress on the dio, I managed to do 3 coats of black as a base and then started drybrushing it.

here is a  look after a first coat

then did 2 more coats of black, while it was drying I took my enamel paints, dilluted with turpentine and did panel line wash on X-bone, wasn't actualy cleaning it very much, beacuse of upcoming weathering, only 2 photos and both of the head but that's just to not reveal everything :P

After i finished panel lining my dio was alredy dried so i started drybrushing it, here is how it looks after grey and white drybrushing, still wet

I will add more colours tonight and hopefully finish it. If I will have enough time and since I have free saturday I can stay up late (much longer than last time kriz :P ) then I will also start damaging the kit.

Here you can see  how it looked dryed in the morning:


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