TUTORIAL: your own clear paints

One of biggest benefits in [X-bone] build was discovering this techinque that i'm about to show you guys, i had no idea how it will turn out but... well you will see for yourself :D

One day i was talking with PhantomPain - the el cheapo~ gunpla king (man you are awesome and you know it)- and hee told me that you can use some food dye to tint fuure to make clear paints, well since food coloring isn't exactly cheaphere (and i had none at the hand) i started wondering if i can use something diffrent...

Just to let you guys [i]see how[/i] this came to life.

So looking at the various things in my factory (this is where i live - Zyncium Factory :P just joking) i found those:

this is basicaly a Kool-aid, sweet drink (altough this one need helluvalot of sugar to make it sweet) that you make youself by adding water.

I mixed it in a small container with future, what we get is this:

doesn't look very prety right? well, as you can see i prepared another container and some coffe filters (i think you could use other things to filter it)

and here it is after filtering:

now that's better, right?

okay, i know what you think, does it even work? well i have to say: yes it does, but -because this is future - you need to apply several thin coats, and because this is future - you don't need to topcoat it!

just to see that it realy works here is crossbone Beam Zanber blade:

quite pink isn't it ? most of ver. Ka blades are pink so it is a good test piece , and here is a pic of painted blade on a completed kit - THIS IS NOT PHOTOSHOPED OR ALTERED IN ANY OTHER WAY:

diffrent angle with less light on the blade:

Hopefully this will be usefull for someone :D, if anyone will have a question I will be happy to answer


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