[Spectre Strike] WIP 4 - waist works

It's about time for another update, right guys? This time i focused on detailing the waist

Also found a better way to show my WIPs :p or so I want to think..

Let me start with center crotch piece, sanded the "blade" part so give it sharper look, i plan to add some pla plate at the top later, Also tried scribing some panel lines, the first attempt wasn't the best but needs only a little cleanup, the second one turned out very well - at least for me, anyway, this part won't be realy seen afrter assembly so there was no pressure

sorry for the photos but since this part is black it's kinda hard to show anything... top left: before, top right: first attempt, bottom: second attempt

Now on to the front skirt: I added plaplate on the top, scribed a line on it, tiny plate on the side,  some koto parts - inspired by the look of VP conversion for MG,  then proceded to build the inside part, cutted out for identical plates, cuuted out holes in two of them, then sandwiched with 2 full ones and glued to the bottom of the skirt

needs some more cleaning but again - this part won't be realy seen... altough I KNOW it is there...

continunig with works did a little bit of plating on side skirts, most of them will be covered by guns sadly, why sadly? becoause wanted to scribe some lines there but again no point if it won't be seen (or will it? )
Then did the backskirt, insides amde the same way that the front skirts, other than that a little mod - drilled a few holes on an empty space, then cutted it out, added a part taken from deck of some 1/700 incomplete ship kit i got from my cousin and added some plates on top, nothing much, a little bit of cleaning, i think i may add some more small plates later
 quite a lot of clean-up and trimming needed here and there but overall look is acceptable IMO

and here is the look of waist putted togheter so far

some more cleaning done before taking those shots

that's about it guys, expect another update soon!


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