[Spectre Strike] WIP 3 - upper body almost done

Continuing works on Spectre. Mainly some more plating here and there, first time using koto parts - nothing crazy but still.

I started by making the chest vent on the other side but failed so decided to start some plating instead:

at this point it still needs cleaning but time for that will come later, not much later tough as i want to paint at least some of parts this weekend :D

but let's focus on the progress for now, shall we? I don't want to make Hummingbird angry, but here comes more mods:P

removed placeholders on the lower chest, added a plla-plate and drilled a hole for another set of vulcans - made from lighter parts as well, way to big to use them on head but looks quite nice here, and that kind of weapon is always usefull.

I know, I know - I said no heavy mods but c'mon... it's just a little booster.. don't judge me...
for now it's sitting there only on blue-tac and needs a lot of work but i do like the look so far, I always liked those kind of boosters :D

also cutted of the thrusters from the back . why? for 2 reasons, looking at the kit when put toghether you can see that blast from those thrusters would melt the back sikrt - instead of providing thrust, especialy after modding the waist to get a bigger bent. the second reason is that I want to use them on the booster

Cutting the thruster also removed the conection for lower body, so added there a metal part and a magnet instead. In this picture you can also see the added koto parts on upper body, still have to add more plates here and there ;)

Did some works on the skirt armor as well but will write about that when it will be finished.


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