[Spectre Strike] WIP 2 - chest works

Since Hummingbird started his WIP i can contiune posting my progress :D

I started by separaitg the red part in to two pieces - lower and upper instead of front and back, after that i added a 1,5mm pla-plate to the bottom, angeled a peg in the back and added a 5mm long strip to the front

Picture above don't show it very well, but that created an ugly gap, well that's one way to look at it, in my eyes it was a holow space - perfect for adding details.

I started with adding piston - if you will look at MG's or PG's from CE timeline, you will notice that all of them have some form of pistons on the side of the torso. The thing is I had no drill small enough to do that, I could use my electric drill but the risk of damaging plastic parts was to great so what i did i turned my Olfa design knife in to drill :D

In this picture you can also see what i used for the pistons - metal parts taken out of lighters, i've been using those for two years now, mailny as a tip of the barrel for guns (see my winter zaku or Re-IG )
here's how it look with pistons instaled:

quite nice... but still too much empty space... so I added a spring with wire inside to the front and some wiers to the back, spring is again form lighter and wires - from UTP cable but you can use any kind of wire

after that i started modding the upper chest piece, added 1,5 mm plaplates to the sides to bulk it up

don't lok at those paltes on the red piece -they are placeholders :P

after some refining:

still needs some work, continuing with modifications:

added plates on the top and sb-ed vents, so far only on one side will continue working on it tonight, lots of cleaning needed....

almost forgot, i have something planned but will not tell about it yet, instead will show you picture

'till next update!


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