[Spectre Strike] HG Strike Noir - WIP 1

Off to another project! Gotta keep the momentum.

My next project is a request job so i need to follow certain guidelines - altough i still have some freedom :D

As for the guidelines:
1. NO battle damage - to keep me going trigger happy on the kit AGAIN
2. No wheathering, okay maybe a little bit, BUT ONLY A LITTLE!!! - that made me a little sad ...
3. Factory fresh look - not my speciality but will do
4. Detailing - got a few ideas allredy, hopefully i can pull that off
5. NO serious modifications - still have to look like Strike Noir
6. Diorama, prefered winter mountain setting
7. Hangar hatch as a part of dio - nuff said, i have something on my mind :D
8. Blue-grey colour scheme - having that in mind I still have an idea I want to try

so last few days i was looking for references, found quite a few good ones - mostly thx to hummingbird - thx bro!

now on the the kit itslef

some OOB pics - don't mind the nubmarks as I wasn't the one to snapifit it :P

stuff i plan to use in this build:

so far i have marked some places i want to mod, the began removing seamlines and sanding

separated front leg armor in to 2 pices

Removed seamline on the tigh

started re-shaping the knee armor:

changes aren't very visible but the right one isn't as round as the one on the left - will keep working on that

oh and here is my "Great Box of Evrything" :

will report on update soon!


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