Sunday, March 7, 2010

Destiny Gundam WIP 3

Seems like someone is on a roll, huh?

I have one leg done and I wanted to show you a little comparison:

scribed panel lines, added few pla-plates, drilled some holes and changed the cables in to more soft ones - these doesn't obstruct knee movements and they look more natural.

Also I added the finished kits section you can acces it by cliking link on just below the header (I'm working on a new one) be sure to check it out as all of them have new pics.

C ya!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Destiny Gundam WIP 2

what's up guys? update time!
first of all - thx for comments, I realy apriciate them.

now for the updates on kit:
I lengthed front skirts and filled back skirts, upper legs are now longer by 4,5 mm and it realy looks better IMO. Added more cables, I realy like how they look.

changed the backthrusters on the legs (as well as on the backpack but it's not in the pics)

also started working on sideskirts, it a basic idea, needs more work...

and here is a lil pic of wings... :)

till next update!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Destiny Gundam WIP 1

hello evryone! I decided that Strike E doesn't need any more acomments other than if you wanna buy it, it on sale :) just give me a message.

First some news, about upcoming gunpla, im exctied but at the same time i won't be buying anything thru entire year from now on. yep, I'm oficialy broken, well not excatly but no more mooneyz for gunpla... there are still few coming in the mail :)

Now this wil be my 4th WIP at the same time... yeah I know, I will finish them but this takes priority because it's for my girlfriend :) she wanted me to mod and paint this kit for her, we snapped it together (just guess how that ended... ;] ) So know i wanna do it ASAP, i have a lil less to study for univeristy but I started making driver license.

Anyway here are pics:

a lot reshaping, changed vents, added wires/pipes - I think this looks a lot more ZAFT style

here you can see how much was changed, it is now a lot longer

i cut off the old pegs thant connect lower and upper torso and added a ball joint for more poseability.

seems like all for now :)