Destiny Gundam WIP 2

what's up guys? update time!
first of all - thx for comments, I realy apriciate them.

now for the updates on kit:
I lengthed front skirts and filled back skirts, upper legs are now longer by 4,5 mm and it realy looks better IMO. Added more cables, I realy like how they look.

changed the backthrusters on the legs (as well as on the backpack but it's not in the pics)

also started working on sideskirts, it a basic idea, needs more work...

and here is a lil pic of wings... :)

till next update!


  1. wooow youre really making a whole kind of new gundam.
    im beging to like it some more now that i can see some of the bigger picture.

    im really intrested in youre color scheme.
    would be nice to have an sort of exclusive paintscheme.

    keep me updated and keep up the good work

  2. THAT is some heavy modding. Man I want to see your end result. Is going to look very different I can imagine.


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