It's update time!
Thx to MokanaMan - known also as deathworld_dragon (BIG thx buddy!) I'm able to announce an oficial opening of Aulon's Mecha Library wich is a part of ZFDB - Zyncium Factory's Desing Bureau.

First addition consists of gunpla (with WIPs) made by unkown modeler, AFAIK site from wich this pics come is down for a few years now so don't ask me for more.
here you have link Library.

As for the Exia, the project is now much bigger - it consists of MG Exia, MG Exia Repair, HG Exia - weapon test type (in YELLOW!) and 1/100 Astrea Type F -High Mobility (I got influenced by G.G.'s 1/100 Astraea FA Kai but while he is adding armor and stuff I will try to do as light and fast as possible )

Now I had to sand all of paint from first Exia and re-do it, after that panel lined with oil paits (mixed viridian and cerulean blue) after that decals - I now hate dry transfers, they do look the best but on this kit they are so tiny.... I added 2 waterslides - the one that came with the kit couldn't be used because of the color change. At the end matt top coat and here it is:

the base is about 50% done and weapons are only snapped... I'm waiting for my Iginition to come, I wonder how plated blades will look in person if I won't like it then I will paint the ones I have.

That's all for now, expect more updates soon!


  1. This is nice! I like your choice of color.

  2. This is nice! I like your choice of color.


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