HELP Needed...

I'm kinda ashamed to say that but I need you help guys.
My PC crashed and for now I'm using a spare drive (only OS on it), fortunataly not evrything on old drive is lost - altough it can't be used :/. The thing is I want to upload erything I can online, includding magazine scans, book scans, artworks, reference pics and hellova lot more that I colected in last 4 years (about 70k pics). But the to recent sitation I can't spend any more money.

Here is the hardest part for me: If you guys could donate just a little it would save me and that huge colection. In exchange I will give you guys acces to it. I don't need much if you would donate just a few bucks per person then it will be enough.
I'm not making you guys do it, in the end it's your call. If you don't want to donate - it's ok.
But if You could I will be realy gratefull.
Thre is other way to help too, If anyone would like to buy any of my finished kits send me an email at

Regular updates will reasume shortly, Thank You for all great comments this far.


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