Cherudim WIP 6

Hello evryone!

Another ultra long break betwen wips and not much done :/
But not evrything turned out the way I wanted in my family so I had to work a lot lately, but now evrything is going the way I want (well not EVRYTHING but a lot). The most important news is propably that I will be going back to my old work at school from 1.09.2009 so no more money problems (or less of them at least). Also I'm going to study on WSIZ

anyway here is update, Cherudim needs only battle damage, dry brushing, oil paint weathering and pastel, and more flat coat, but Koenig... well I almost done 1 leg so... seems like I will have some more time now so I can push this project forward, or less sleping, deadline is coming closer...

only 1 crappy picture this time (like I said - not much time...)
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