My new project... modification of MG Impulse Gundam.
I lke the kit (my first MG), but I don't like the Gundam itself, mostly because of the Core Block System, it's just stupid in my opinon. So thats one of the things I will mod. Since I won't be using Core Fighter I will use the other backpack that came with it ( the one that allows you to connect Striker Packs). I will be basing some of my mods on difrences betwen Zeta and Re-GZ.

Re-GZ was basicaly mass produced version of Zeta (altough it never was mass produced) and 
Re-IG will be limited production version of Impulse created by ZAFT Integrated Design Bureau after Second Earth/PLANT War.

So here we go:
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First the head:
Image Hosted by
I sharpened the yellow portion of the v-fin, cuted the white parts and added some putty to make this big forehead, then added some pla-plates to the front of the face to make it longer.
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That's all for now, I'll be back tomorow with some more progres, I hope to do some mods on chest area 


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