Finaly some update, I was working on the torso this whole time and I have to say i like how it turned out.
I wanted to make him look more bulkier, better armored but not too heavy.
One of hardest thing to mod was center chest piece - the one that is moving. At first I was going to do it with modeling mass ( the same one I used to do the forehead) but it didn't turned out well. After that I decided to try something new (to me) - heat bending, at first result was kinda disapointing but after a lot (and I mean many hours) of sanding with fine great sandpaper it looks great (IMHO) pictures shows torso in the middle of work so final result is better.

Also I cut some holes to show inner frame, and of course added little details (or aditional armor - depends of how you think of it) made frome styrene.

Now I will start working on the shoulders and arms.
I still need to get some nice decals cause the orignals were lost, I never tought I will mod this kit.

Any ideas (even those not-so-bright ones) are welcome.

I almost forgot about pics, here they are:
Image Hosted by
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