Overflag WIP 1

Overflag or actualy any Flag is awesome. This one is my custom model so let's call it ver. zinc
Below is my original post from bakuc.com :

So I started my work on Overflag, I got this kit as a X-mas present from myself, but due to my studies i hadn't enough time to start working on it. This one wont be as much modified as my Slash Zaku, but i wil try to make some detailed diorama. Sorry for the crappy photos but i was working betwen 10 pm and 3 am.
So... here we go:
First will be the upper wings, i cut some of it to allow better movement, it will be displayed in a part of a hangar, so i needed wings to fold more:

I added some pla-plates so there wont be such a big gap in flight mode.

I added more pla-plate parts for incrased details on "backpack"

Sharpened the fins on the head:

More pla-plates details on chest and front skirt

There were some more liitle mods done but my camera died, so no pics, parts are alredy primed and waitning for painting, which can't be done before next monday ( I hope i will have enough time).
As for the color scheme I was thing of something similar to modern fighters, but I'm not sure yet.

That was written on January 27, so I made some progress (it's 80 % done actualy).
I will post more tomorow.


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